Thursday, June 16, 2011

Knock three times

And as the sun broke though the storm, he turned to the sky, his wings folded gently across his back and the tears that ran across his blood stained cheek fell into the dust. And where they landed small blue flowers started to rise from the dry earth. The clouds seemed heavy as the rain started to fall on his back, and he dropped to his knees, the spear he carried fell from his hand's, his hair across his face.

The rain swept the life from the wounds of the fallen, the ash floated on the rivulets of water that had started to flow.And the lightening lit the sky liked a forked tongue the words lost on the winds. He laid down taking a breath of the cold morning air,it ran down inside him like water from a mountain stream. And he felt a smile on his face, a small relief from the battle that had raged around him for so long.

As he lay there he could feel the earth calling him, it was time to return and feel the warmth of his mothers arms, she was reaching out a hand of pale white, a glow of green filled the air around it. "Come home now, its over" she said, her voice like the sound of music felt in the heart more then the head.He knew it was time and he closed his eyes. the picture of her smiling face entered the dark of his mind and he knew it would be alright.

The earth crept up around him, like the fingers of a thousand souls, brothers and sisters to carry him home, but he knew it would not be long before the call came for him to wake again. The sleep was always short and his light would again shine in the darkness, there was always someone left to find.
And as he feel asleep he uttered these words for the world to hear.
I shall return to thee, when you need me most, just knock three times.
And the clouds started to part as the sun warmed the land, and the flowers turned to face the sky.