Sunday, March 23, 2008

Supervillain V's Superhero

My son showed me this little site that gives you your rating as a superhero or villain with the percent your most likley to be for each one. just answer a few questions to let it know what your like and press done.
you can take the hero quiz here-
and the villain test here-


My latest quick tiled wallpaper is a burning match in a cartoon stencilled finish.
This was a quick 5 min drawing with the gimp.
just click the image to view it and right click and save to set as a repeating pattern in windows .

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have released two movies under the banner of " the grindhouse" with all out thrills spills and kills...DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR. Check out the extended versions out now on dvd and watch the tralier to get the idea.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Heres an animated image i did for my my space account it is just some eye candy to dress up the page using the gimp i was able to create this as a gif file with no extra software.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Heres a quick gothic stlyed background I did today that i thought i would share with you out there, i used this background without the text as a myspace profile backdrop as well.
To do this you need to use a third party image hosting servive and add some code to your profile

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This is a comedy version of a ping pong game, well worth watching if you havent see the "matrix ping pong" before, There's not much more to be said about this one, you just have to watch it to see.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


A short poem I wrote last night that i thought i would share with you.
Sometimes i find i get so caught up in the momment, i forget what the moment was.
So heres my take on that...


Through thickest fog of mind has my body passed.
The scars of deadly life weighs on a mans soul,
never to be unweighted from his heart.
A mans fury leaves scars upon the land,
like man before and ever after,bother, son and father.

Rapid thoughts lost amoungst gutters of silent rain.
Three words down not found the ones we lost between.
The paper and the pen again.New words gone like cuttings to the floor,
Like the eagle, craving flight his wings make twisted scrolls of air
as his eyes watch the ground fade in to that thick fog once more.

words from songs and scenes fill my mind as time unfolds,
like old rope undone from end to starts again
That unveild thread of fated thin, burnt beyond the hands of men
smoke rises like fired breath, a rested breeze of spoken word.
story's untold before flames consume the melted hand of fate.
the beginning is to late,to find the dreams of broken wings.

hidden crops of fertile thoughts cross between.
unseen bands of hidden light forced to hide,
Amoungst the darkest nights of horror red.
Bred from horses dark, running from the madness of my mind.
Faster then four feet should ever flee, the dogs of black come round the bend

Hound the heals of mental men like ghosts of human fear, then gone they dissapear.
never seen again by foe or friend,the thoughts of hell .
rising like the damp of blackest waters deep from seeping wounds of human kind.
time to rest my friend for the demons shall never return.


Heres my new puppy, a male kelpie called "Hades" which means the unseen one.
Here he is asleep nd only a few weeks old, well now he is about 4 months and weighs a nice 14.5kg.
Ill keep you posted on his progress.


With the last video i posted a link to being some more recent Australian music I thought i would take a more nostalgic journey with a link to a skyhooks track.
Unfortunately the lead singer passed away.So enjoy all we have left, memories...
Hope you enjoy this song as much as i enjoyed growing up in he seventies

Friday, March 7, 2008

ACID RUST - abstract

This is an image i created with the gimp, a free open source plugin based drawing program that can handle most things you want to throw at it. as the source is linux based , it can be a bit unstable under windows so save often and you will be fine.
go HERE for the download

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The latest version of Real Player now supports the downloading and playing of several sites flash player videos including the likes of youtube.
All you do is hover over the video you want to save and a little pop up box appears in the right hand corner above the video giving you the option to download the video to your harddrive to watch later in real player.It even works for youtube videos embedded in the blog :)
So easy even my wife can do it, and she isnt into computers at all...(ironic actually, that i married a woman whos idea of using a computer is loading solataire.)
any way heres a video called from youtube for you to watch and download with the player.
you can get the latest real player from HERE


Ok so sometimes it can be a little hit and miss to get it working, but overall this little program can record anything displayed on your PC screen complete with sound, Ive had in running under vista and xp pro and even converted the files to mpeg4 complient video with vi2vcd software which is also free to use. Hyper cam does place a small nag logo in the top left corner of the recored video.But has many little settings like selecting screen area and sound quality settings to best get that video you want, Ive even managed to record youtube video to avi files with it.
go here for HYPERCAM
and here for AVI2VCD


Sometimes the only way to survive when you cant hold down a real job is to get you art music ar other creative pursuit out to the masses and pray to the divine gods above that there is someone just as crazy as you, and like your art as much as you liked creating it.
So with that in mind why not check out where my ideas get pasted and if painting, drawing or photography is your thing, start an account and get your own t-shirts and the like up for people to look at and buy.
my gallery is HERE

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


To start the "ball" rolling i thought a nice game of splat the stress ball would be fitting, after all stress is our biggest grab your paint pistol a coffee or two, or three,
and head to miniclip to give it a go.


Well its been a while since i tried to use the internet to order that chaotic space i call a head but here we are again with a whole new set of tricks up my sleeve , As well as a few golden oldies to tickle your fancy... Well enough of the grandad talk.
Anyway the idea this time is not to center around one topic but to "expand" my horizons to accomodate a wider audience with the overall theme being (wait for it now..)
Keeping Sane in an oh so crazy world..simple as that :P
And from here on in expect a mix of basicly anything from robots to art to online games. all for you guys to loose yourself in. Remember we are not alone, theres always the net..see you surfing.