Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too short for a title

What do you mean poetry is about ryhming , the timing of the words firing from the mind, never minding the feelings or findings.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Cant talk zombies attacking, going into the grid..
there everywhere.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Then The Open Sky


Friends found lost in word
heard in lines of tiny length
the new idea is greater then the width of words.
Angels heaven sent, wings across the open sky
Their voices soft and wise, opened my eyes to the gift of life and love
Men with wise words, jewels from the gods above yet ask for no reward
Except the same in kind word. spoken
Lifes path may be sharp on the razors edge.
But with out a dare and dream, the world swings past us never seen.
Famous men, the demi gods of social skill hide amoungst the rest of us.
So take your wings and touch the sky, there may be clouds, but the suns always shining when you get above them...

The Earth see's all

Thanks to everyone ive met so far
My hand goes out to you. As much as i hope these kind words do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Latest From My science side,The Coffee Cup RamJet Engine

early twin chamber design

Well we have been building new ram jet concentrators to be used behind a pulse jet to increase the thrust. At the moment we are in full swing researching exhaust vent designs and working out where to get stainless steel plumb bob levels to use as inlet port compressor spikes. The jet in the video is a two chambered design, basicly two ram jets together, this allows for a better fuel burn , which is evident in the shorter plume length, the tempratures we are reaching are eating the welds out in a matter of 20-30 mins run time, so we are also looking into totally weld free design and other optins instead of the mig welder we are stuck with.

Remember kids, dont try this at home without some sort of insurance and safety gear. We already have had mick loose a bit of his beard today LOL dang thoose inlet port blow backs we keep getting.
Futre ideas brainstormed today include twin fuel inlets into the two combustion chambers and fire proof gloves..yes fingers may get burned playing with fire.

This is the result of todays tests, the weld is being eaten away
We tacked it back up and got the night videos before it failed

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Off With The birds

keep it under 140 or your head might explode.

Always Dream

Fields of thinking,folded onto nights of dreamy eyes
the hue of open mind revealed, conceal from view by twisted word.
Cryptic strings that flow in line of inky clue, running fast,
past our soul to fill the pits and wells of wanting thought
Gently caught the words return,as hearts and minds meld and mingle true

Past, future, present reached, a point of single spun,
unclouded frames of thought reaching in to touch.
The hand of fated fire burns the field of empty view,
holding fast to narrow shafts of angry thought,
piercing holes in nets of grand design, falling past, the last door home
time reversed we start again, an empty heart with which to stain.

Poetry of Quantum physic's - 101 mind music

Race the beginning far from times end,
a ripple of tunneled holes, woven into view,
strings of coloured sound escape few and far between
as dark and weighted holes in space, unseen
leave marks across the grainy plates of time and space.
holograms,the sand of mind of godly signs left to find.
Intertwined amoungst the clouds of spin out and in ,
taking chance to mean, choices never seen ,
real and true none the less. outside space the rest remains ,
banged apart by fists unseen, across twisted land, flat from back to front.
shunted past the field of vision seen, zeros , ones, almost seen,
Electron eyes of mortal men , focused view , caverns of magnetic skew
Two streams of water halved ,smash past strange and changed,
debris falls faster , trails left for all to see..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack of the empty space.

Today i was attacked by an empty space. its large gaping mouth reached up and dragged me under.
I get the feeling its been following me for a whlie now, it knows my every move. I have a sense that it knows me too well. dam that empty space and its all seeing eye.maybe its related to the one eyed purple people eater, i can see them now , the empty space and the one eyed monster swapping recipes over a game of chess, but we are not all prawns in this great game of life.
So where was i... ahh yes , i was getting attacked by an empty space..but having employed all my magic monkey ninja skills a plan was forming, now all i needed was some sort of luck would have it, a witty humour ran by.. thank the god's for witty humors, ( and their cousions, "Dry sarcasim" , which are not related to funny puns.. ) so having run off on a tangent i was sure that the witty humor was busy keeping the empty space interested. This gave me time to to find a new place to hide while i licked my wounds. i had just setteled down in the dark of a recess of my mind, when low and behold, but who should happen by, me old mate "silly grin"
"Hows life treating you Silly ?" i called out. he just turned and smiled. He never was one for talking.But thats ok, we sat down and after a good shot of paranoid delusions we cleaned up the mess and chased innuendo's around the sands of time well past the setting of the sun.
Now if i can just find one of those swarms of ideas i heard about, looks like im taking a journey to the top of the world, now was that left through the gates of hell, or right up the stairs to heaven..
Oh and dont forget to take a "chance" or a dream, it might just save a lonley heart
(which isnt really true, lonely hearts actually prefer to spend there time roaming around the mole hills in packs, not climbing mountains by themselves..)
so untill i return from this next great quest,, look up, you never know when love is going to strike you, and it can really hurt if it gets a chance to sneak up and bite you on the ass when your not looking. But thats what happens when you love the places where the wild things are.

Sailing Into the Dawn

Time brings things we arnt expecting, the winds of change fill the sails of our minds and once again the seas become the playground of the soul, too busy flying though the spray and the salt to notice the blisters on your hands from all the hard work, the smile on your face stretchs from ear to ear, as you reign the sheets in tighter and turn into the wind to face the monsters that fight to drag you beneath the waves , like heros of old, you will survive... just make sure to bring your sword.