Saturday, March 8, 2008


A short poem I wrote last night that i thought i would share with you.
Sometimes i find i get so caught up in the momment, i forget what the moment was.
So heres my take on that...


Through thickest fog of mind has my body passed.
The scars of deadly life weighs on a mans soul,
never to be unweighted from his heart.
A mans fury leaves scars upon the land,
like man before and ever after,bother, son and father.

Rapid thoughts lost amoungst gutters of silent rain.
Three words down not found the ones we lost between.
The paper and the pen again.New words gone like cuttings to the floor,
Like the eagle, craving flight his wings make twisted scrolls of air
as his eyes watch the ground fade in to that thick fog once more.

words from songs and scenes fill my mind as time unfolds,
like old rope undone from end to starts again
That unveild thread of fated thin, burnt beyond the hands of men
smoke rises like fired breath, a rested breeze of spoken word.
story's untold before flames consume the melted hand of fate.
the beginning is to late,to find the dreams of broken wings.

hidden crops of fertile thoughts cross between.
unseen bands of hidden light forced to hide,
Amoungst the darkest nights of horror red.
Bred from horses dark, running from the madness of my mind.
Faster then four feet should ever flee, the dogs of black come round the bend

Hound the heals of mental men like ghosts of human fear, then gone they dissapear.
never seen again by foe or friend,the thoughts of hell .
rising like the damp of blackest waters deep from seeping wounds of human kind.
time to rest my friend for the demons shall never return.

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