Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack of the empty space.

Today i was attacked by an empty space. its large gaping mouth reached up and dragged me under.
I get the feeling its been following me for a whlie now, it knows my every move. I have a sense that it knows me too well. dam that empty space and its all seeing eye.maybe its related to the one eyed purple people eater, i can see them now , the empty space and the one eyed monster swapping recipes over a game of chess, but we are not all prawns in this great game of life.
So where was i... ahh yes , i was getting attacked by an empty space..but having employed all my magic monkey ninja skills a plan was forming, now all i needed was some sort of luck would have it, a witty humour ran by.. thank the god's for witty humors, ( and their cousions, "Dry sarcasim" , which are not related to funny puns.. ) so having run off on a tangent i was sure that the witty humor was busy keeping the empty space interested. This gave me time to to find a new place to hide while i licked my wounds. i had just setteled down in the dark of a recess of my mind, when low and behold, but who should happen by, me old mate "silly grin"
"Hows life treating you Silly ?" i called out. he just turned and smiled. He never was one for talking.But thats ok, we sat down and after a good shot of paranoid delusions we cleaned up the mess and chased innuendo's around the sands of time well past the setting of the sun.
Now if i can just find one of those swarms of ideas i heard about, looks like im taking a journey to the top of the world, now was that left through the gates of hell, or right up the stairs to heaven..
Oh and dont forget to take a "chance" or a dream, it might just save a lonley heart
(which isnt really true, lonely hearts actually prefer to spend there time roaming around the mole hills in packs, not climbing mountains by themselves..)
so untill i return from this next great quest,, look up, you never know when love is going to strike you, and it can really hurt if it gets a chance to sneak up and bite you on the ass when your not looking. But thats what happens when you love the places where the wild things are.

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