Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poetry of Quantum physic's - 101 mind music

Race the beginning far from times end,
a ripple of tunneled holes, woven into view,
strings of coloured sound escape few and far between
as dark and weighted holes in space, unseen
leave marks across the grainy plates of time and space.
holograms,the sand of mind of godly signs left to find.
Intertwined amoungst the clouds of spin out and in ,
taking chance to mean, choices never seen ,
real and true none the less. outside space the rest remains ,
banged apart by fists unseen, across twisted land, flat from back to front.
shunted past the field of vision seen, zeros , ones, almost seen,
Electron eyes of mortal men , focused view , caverns of magnetic skew
Two streams of water halved ,smash past strange and changed,
debris falls faster , trails left for all to see..

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