Monday, March 23, 2009

Latest From My science side,The Coffee Cup RamJet Engine

early twin chamber design

Well we have been building new ram jet concentrators to be used behind a pulse jet to increase the thrust. At the moment we are in full swing researching exhaust vent designs and working out where to get stainless steel plumb bob levels to use as inlet port compressor spikes. The jet in the video is a two chambered design, basicly two ram jets together, this allows for a better fuel burn , which is evident in the shorter plume length, the tempratures we are reaching are eating the welds out in a matter of 20-30 mins run time, so we are also looking into totally weld free design and other optins instead of the mig welder we are stuck with.

Remember kids, dont try this at home without some sort of insurance and safety gear. We already have had mick loose a bit of his beard today LOL dang thoose inlet port blow backs we keep getting.
Futre ideas brainstormed today include twin fuel inlets into the two combustion chambers and fire proof gloves..yes fingers may get burned playing with fire.

This is the result of todays tests, the weld is being eaten away
We tacked it back up and got the night videos before it failed

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