Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Then The Open Sky


Friends found lost in word
heard in lines of tiny length
the new idea is greater then the width of words.
Angels heaven sent, wings across the open sky
Their voices soft and wise, opened my eyes to the gift of life and love
Men with wise words, jewels from the gods above yet ask for no reward
Except the same in kind word. spoken
Lifes path may be sharp on the razors edge.
But with out a dare and dream, the world swings past us never seen.
Famous men, the demi gods of social skill hide amoungst the rest of us.
So take your wings and touch the sky, there may be clouds, but the suns always shining when you get above them...

The Earth see's all

Thanks to everyone ive met so far
My hand goes out to you. As much as i hope these kind words do.

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